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We are proud to serve the industry. We work together with our business partners, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of their vision and needs. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges.

"I have known Broad & Wall founders since 2009. I am always fascinated by their passion, hard work, and dedication to the business.

Asli was in charge of all the HR functions in our company and multibillion-dollar projects in the MENA region. She worked closely with C suite and the executive team to set direction with her strong strategic thinking skills. Her cross-functional business understanding with a P&L orientation helped our company through our organizational restructuring and cultural renewal. 

She always had the courage and decisiveness to prioritize, to succeed – which helped her overcome the challenging HR problems in our industry. She cultivated employer branding inside out and the outside in, believing the employer brand has become a key factor in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent. She completed the HR digital transformation. Since we had diverse organizations, this transformation helped us get real-time data and insight about our employees, standardization of HR processes across countries.

While working with Ismail for the last 9 years in two major contractors with a significant international presence, I have grown great respect for the responsibilities he has taken on and the breadth of knowledge he has gained. Ismail has taken on substantial professional and personal challenges and has achieved great success.
Between 2012 and 2018, I watched Ismail take STFA to new levels of effectiveness in recruitment through his sharp eye for talent. STFA had mega-infrastructure and marine construction projects in Türkiye, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco. Ismail was employed to launch recruitment operations in 15 projects simultaneously. In particular, I was very impressed with the way Ismail carried out his work, from manpower planning with project managers to sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding of hard-to-find engineers, technical people, and so on. He has the rare ability to be able to effectively communicate with all different types of people (technical peers, supervisors, candidates, clients, stakeholders, etc.), and this was definitely an asset within our organization. “

Mustafa Karakus, President (Former) STFA Construction Group

"Asli distinguished herself in many ways thanks to her exceptional insight over the market. She launched effective engagement and retention programs in our multinational organization. She always emphasized HR’s strategic function to transform business and its impact on the bottom line. In line with this, she successfully developed HR strategies and acted as a role model in our leadership team. She accentuated performance culture in our organization by transforming our human capital with talent management systems and development programs. She has designed and implemented successful programs for leadership development."

Recep Cimen, President STFA Construction Group

"Ismail Kurban was responsible for overall HR operations in Türkiye, Turkmenistan, Algeria, Iraq, Mozambique, and assisting operations in Germany and Russia at Renaissance Heavy Industries (part of Renaissance Construction, honorably ranks 23rd in ENR top international contractors).
During the time, Ismail took the initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of his job and showed tremendous ability to multi-task. He became a very valuable resource within our company and was assigned many challenging tasks - one of which was adopting Balanced Scorecard Methodology to one of our affiliates in Germany. Ismail is truly a quality individual with a high work ethic and a passion for quality and excellence.”

Alptekin Tizer, President (Former) of Renaissance Heavy Industries Ltd.

"Mr. Ismail Kurban worked with me as an HR Executive during restructuring the EP department of Renaissance Heavy industries in Türkiye and he was an outstanding resource of the Human Resource department. He had a firm grasp of technical details and an equally firm understanding of EPC project nature in our fast-paced industry, which helped us a lot in finding the top talents during our restructuring period. ln, this period, his performance was so precise, dependable, and dedicated by utilizing his own HR network. lt was absolutely a pleasure to work with him and I can say, without a doubt, he would definitely be an invaluable asset to any company he works for. He has excellent communication skills, hence, he is able to coordinate with his HR team colleagues, cross-functional departments, and also outside the HR network. I am very sure that he will show his perfect performance in his new company and lead to success from an HR point of view."

Yosuke Kajiyama, Deputy General Manager (Former), Renaissance Heavy lndustries, Türkiye
Senior Associate Officer (Former), Plant & lnfrastructure Company of Kawasaki Heavy industries, LTD., Japan

"Asli and Ismail have worked as HR executives of STFA Construction Group which has been a leading and pioneering international contractor. They possessed strong fundamental skills on which they had added vast experience and know-how during their careers in STFA as they worked with directors, c-level and other managers in business units, collaborated with international and local partners, involved in studies with leading HR consultants, and had to deal with people with different nationalities and diverse cultures in many countries.


It is indeed a pleasure to see that they continue to new frontiers in their careers. I do no doubt that they will offer valuable services as independent consultants while collaborating as if they are part of the in-house HR teams and contribute to those looking for outsourcing services for review, development, and transformation of their HRM systems in the construction contracting business."


M. Rıza Arsan, Advisor to the Board, STFA Construction Group

"I have had the pleasure of working with Aslı Pocan for 5 years in the same group of companies as colleagues.  As a human resources director in the headquarter of our group companies, she led the transformation projects in HR. She is a visionary strategic business partner, collaborative, innovative, result-oriented, highly successful human resources professional. She has good technical knowledge in recruitment, performance management, reward management, organizational development processes of HR. In this new phase of her career, I firmly believe that she will add value to the companies she will work as a consultant. I have been impressed with her professionalism I would highly recommend Aslı Pocan for all functions of HR."


Z. Kaya, Human Resources Director, Zorlu Holding A.S.

"Aslı is an innovative and pragmatic professional you certainly would like to have in your team. She has expertise in a breadth of disciplines, and always performs as a highly valuable key strategic partner for executives in driving the organization in the right direction. She has excellent proven success in talent acquisition matching the business objectives and requirements. As an HR leader in the construction industry, she is always admired for her strength, positivity, and resilience. During the time we have worked together, she initiated HR practices that led to culture change, implemented strategies for employee engagement, and developed leadership programs. She always supported and coached line managers and the senior management team like an internal consultant. She has a positive impact on my leadership skills and has a great sense of humor, working with Aslı is an amazing experience!"


Mehtap Akkaya, CEO, EuroCross

"Asli has extended HR experiences and know-how. I can say that as a visionary HR leader, she has a character that first arouses respect with her behavior and attitudes and approach to people. With her forward-thinking and sense of purpose, Aslı has accomplished successful HR digital transformation projects like recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and development, leading the HR teams in the STFA group of companies. 

She is a passionate HR professional and her focus on creating value is one of the main features that differentiate her from others.

I have no doubt that Aslı will add value by developing the organizations she works for."


Z. Seyran Misir, Chief Human Resources Officer, Yorglass

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