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We exclusively serve ENR's leading construction and engineering firms in their HR challenges. We offer customized solutions with an effective combination of first-hand experience and industry best practices.



High-performing companies are the result of outstanding leadership. We have built successful senior leadership teams across core functions undertaking multi-billion-dollar projects worldwide. We leverage our industry know-how to help organizations build dynamic leadership teams.

Contact us if you are hiring leaders that make difference.

Engineers and Businesspeople


One of today’s greatest business challenges is finding and hiring the right people. Moreover, HR Departments may not have the time or resources to find the best fit for the role which can have a devastating impact on the bottom line. With our experience of sourcing and selecting top talent in the global construction market for two decades, we help our business partners reach and hire the right professionals worldwide.

Contact us if you are hiring industry experts.

Meeting Room Business


HR inside the construction industry, unlike many other industries, has a unique set of challenges. 

For HR professionals, a thorough understanding of recruitment, training, retention is essential yet not enough. The successful engagement and effective participation of HR throughout the entire project life-cycle are critical.

We help our business partners with organizational reviews, the design and application of human resources systems (Organizational Development and Transformation, Change Management,  Performance, Reward, and Recognition Management, Talent Management, and Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition, Diversity Initiatives), as well as the coaching, mentoring, and the training of their HR professionals. Furthermore, we provide on-site assistance in managing employee and labor relations challenges.

Contact us if you are targeting excellence through people.

“Construction is a people business.

Success depends on fielding and retaining the most capable project teams.”

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